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Directed by American wood-firing ceramic artist, Hillary Kane, Gaya CAC has a passionate team of ceramic enthusiasts that help run the ceramic studio in Ubud.

Gaya Ceramics ARTS CentrE (CAC)


Developed as the educational branch of Gaya’s production facility (CAD), Gaya Ceramic Arts Center stands as its own entity in a separate studio space and with its own team of employees.  While Gaya CAC focuses its attention on catering to students, participants and resident artists, there is ever an active relationship maintained with Gaya CAD.  Thus, Gaya Ceramic’s production house and educational space coexist in an inspiring and supportive symbiosis that benefits all clients and employees simultaneously.

In a lush tropical setting, amid exquisite cultural craftsmanship, we have built a spacious, open-air, and fully equipped clay studio dedicated to nurturing the growth and education of both mature ceramic artists and those brand new to clay.  Gaya CAC is a place to expand horizons, to share inspiration and techniques, to experiment, to grow and to dream.

Directed by American wood-firing ceramic artist, Hillary Kane, Gaya Ceramic Arts Center (Gaya CAC) offers a stimulating program of international workshops, continuous weekly wheel throwing classes, and a fabulous ceramic resident artist program.

Why come half way around the world to learn throwing skills, or to fire a kiln?  In our view, setting is everything.  Our annual calendar of workshops reflects this: approaching clay not only from the standpoint of a skill-building experience, but also as a creative exploration, tapping stimuli from landscape, architecture, cuisine and culture that cannot be found anywhere but here in Bali. 

Gaya CAC coordinates every detail so that participants can focus on the experience at hand—and that experience is indelible: Bali offers fecundity at every juncture---the creative interpretations are endless.


We aim to offer the best tutelage possible in the ceramic arts—catering to an enormously wide audience in a variety of forms, namely:

  • WORKSHOPS… Two-week intensive programs taught by internationally renowned ceramic artists from all over the world.

  • CONTINUOUS CLASSES… Weekly tutelage, private lessons, and studio membership passes for an on-the-ground audience.

  • ARTIST RESIDENCY PROGRAM… two-month opportunities for concentration, growth and exposure, attracting professional ceramicists worldwide.

We also aim to walk our talk, and thus are fully engaged ceramic artists ourselves (all of us!)—always pushing our own limits in learning and creating.

We strive to bring clay into the community, hosting an annual EMPTY BOWLS FUNDRAISER that supports a local charity of choice each year.


The world is surrendering its skilled artisans in favor of industrially produced objects every day.  Thus every day we work at promoting and preserving the ceramic arts through teaching and sharing these very skills to beginner and experienced potters alike.  With great enthusiasm and patience, we share our knowledge and invite the expertise of international instructors and resident artists to expand our consciousness of clay and creativity. 

We believe that everything from simple tableware, to independently standing sculpture holds great significance in creating aesthetic value, beauty, intimacy and personal meaning in our lives.  Because most of our clientele are coming from outside of Bali, the creative experience in clay is blended together with the inimitable experience of the Balinese culture.  Deriving inspiration from an entirely new architecture, landscape, gastronomical palette, and social/religious custom is part and parcel to a Gaya experience.  Thus, setting is as pertinent to our vision as is material. 

We are artists and we want to be inspired and creative every day.  We want you to be too!


  • We achieve EXCELLENCE with technical proficiency and tireless patience, careful attention to detail, meticulous organization and planning, selective programmimg, and an ever-innovative calendar of workshops and activities.

  • We value the DIFFERENCE... Individual abilities and contributions are recognized and are the lifeblood of our creativity and consequently of our company strength.

  • We value KNOWLEDGE encouraging continuous learning to help empower all employees to reach their full potential.

  • We pursue TEAM WORK and TEAM HAPPINESS... Our small team upholds camaraderie, enjoyment, professional and personal growth as the spirit of our organization.

  • We do firmly believe in HONESTY, integrity, morality and ethics.

  • We do RESPECT individuals, cultures and environment.

  • We encourage WARMTH, courtesy and kindness in any communication or encounter.

  • The SATISFACTION of our students, instructors and artists is our satisfaction.

  • We make all possible EFFORT in solving problem or satisfy needs... we meet complaints with empathy first, appropriate action second.

  • We take full RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and promises and we uphold commitments at almost any cost.

  • We SEEK instructors, resident artists, studio interns, and workshop participants that share the same or similar core values.

  • We create the company's PROSPERITY, STRENGTH, SOLIDITY, STABILITY and PROTECTION through organization, profit and growth.




RANI - Office Administration

RANI - Office Administration

WAYAN SUARNATA - Studio Supervisor

WAYAN SUARNATA - Studio Supervisor

KOMANG MERTA - Studio Assistant

KOMANG MERTA - Studio Assistant



RETHA ZORA RIZAKO - Gallery Sales / Graphic Designer

RETHA ZORA RIZAKO - Gallery Sales / Graphic Designer


Gaya CAC Internship Program offers an indelible opportunity for an aspiring potter to learn the ins and outs of running a ceramic studio, teaching ceramic skills, organizing workshops, firing kilns, and generally living a life of clay.  The internship is based on an agreement of exchange between the intern and GCAC.  Learn more about our internship program here.