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At Gaya Ceramic and Design we create exclusive custom ceramic collections for International clients and retail some designs in our showroom in Ubud. Visit Us.


Gaya Ceramic and Design 




My name is Marcello and this is my wife Michela. We moved from Italy to Bali in 2001 to establish Gaya Ceramic and Design and to start throwing pots under the tropical sun of this magic island.

We wanted to build a place where intuition, inspiration, craft and love would combine and we did it!

Our primary business is the creation of exclusive custom ceramic collections, however more recently we have begun to retail some of our own designs in our showroom in Ubud.

In 2010, together with Hillary we founded our educational branch Gaya Ceramic Arts Centre, where we run regular ceramic classes, intensive workshops and have a vibrant Artist in Residency program.

We could not do all that alone… our family of about 100 skilled craftsmen are helping us in forming, glazing and firing all our Gaya’s ceramics… which is a real blessing!!



Gaya logo is a simple bowl, humble in its suggestion, but deeply connected to the essence of its use.

A bowl holds.

Gaya holds ideas, creativity, passion, emotion, enthusiasm, individuals, craft work, fine art.

It is the symbol of the space in which our entire contents are held.



Love is simply an immense empty space able to contain the gifts of the world, capable of welcoming emotions that otherwise slip away... The greatest richness is this emptiness able to contain everything.
Matteo Marchesi - logo designer



Primarily using ceramic as our media we design and create tailored, handmade, luxurious and exclusive home and hospitality accessories such as: table sets, decorative and accent pieces, walls and ambient installations, lighting and art works.

We offer product design consultancy including aesthetic concept research and development, mood boards, graphic communication, technical documentation and 3D rendering.

Through Gaya CAC we provide educational services and artistic support for ceramic culture.


"We don't produce, we create."

We are creators and we want to be creative every day.

We do not underestimate the "container” significance because we believe that one of the greatest richness is the emptiness able to contain everything.

We believe that home accessories have a great power in creating aesthetic value, beauty, intimacy and personal meaning.

We want to preserve and promote craftsmanship, implementing the understanding and the appreciation of the ceramic's "handmade” process.


It is our hope to make our work speak for itself.

Through study and constant experimentation, we search for the ideal expressions to translate the stimuli around us, large and small, into objects that uncover the shapes, colours and moods from within the world. 

We try to do this honestly and without discrimination.

Our every-day is a fusion of sure and unsure circumstances, an infinite world of technical precision and mistakes, hard work and delusions, simplicity and happiness. 

For us, nothing is more lovely.


  • We achieve EXCELLENCE with matchless creativity, technical proficiency and research, product detail accuracy, meticulous quality control, client's service extra-care and fluid internal organization.

  • We value the DIFFERENCE ... Individual abilities and contributions are recognized and are the lifeblood of our creativity and consequently of our company strength.

  • We value KNOWLEDGE encouraging continuous learning to help empower all employees to reach their full potential.

  • We pursue TEAM WORK and TEAM HAPPINESS ... Employees are our most important resource, we value each team member and we remain united in our successes and failures. Camaraderie, enjoyment, professional and personal growth are the spirit of our organization.

  • We do firmly believe in HONESTY, integrity, morality and ethic.

  • We do RESPECT individuals, cultures and environment.

  • We encourage WARMTH, courtesy and kindness in any communication or encounter.

  • The SATISFACTION of our customers is our satisfaction.

  • We make all possible EFFORT in solving problem or satisfy needs ... we meet complain with empathy first than appropriate action second.

  • We take full RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and promises and we uphold commitments at almost any cost.

  • We SEEK suppliers and customers that share the same or similar core values.

  • We create company's PROSPERITY, STRENGTH, SOLIDITY, STABILITY and PROTECTION thought organization, profit and growth.


MICHELA FOPPIANI - Creative Director  MARCELLO MASSONI - Chief Executive Officer

MICHELA FOPPIANI - Creative Director
MARCELLO MASSONI - Chief Executive Officer

IRINA PAMPARARO - Marketing Advisor

IRINA PAMPARARO - Marketing Advisor

RIZMA SHANTI - Research & Development Manager

RIZMA SHANTI - Research & Development Manager


Located in Ubud, Bali (Indonesia), all of Gaya Ceramic and Design’s creations come into being with creative passion, a concern to preserve and promote craftsmanship, and a desire to impart an understanding and an appreciation of ceramic handmade processes.