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Eva Champagne Workshop

Gaya Ceramic Arts Center Workshop - FLUX - WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS: Soda Surface Workshop with Eva Champagne June 3 - 16, 2018 Join us in Bali!


with Eva Champagne

June 3 - 16, 2018

Weave, unravel; express, obliterate...

In this workshop, participants will experience the serendipitous nature of firing in a soda atmosphere: what the soda contributes, what it takes away. There is a wonderful sense of freedom in giving a work over to the atmospheric firing process, and a sweet anticipation of results which cannot be entirely predicted. The process can be described as a collaboration between the artist’s planning and expression, and the kiln’s sweeping endowments and editing.

The workshop will be focused in two dimensions: Surface treatment techniques and atmospheric firing. Participants will layer underglazes, flashing slips, underglaze pencils, and glaze, creating varied, colorful, and lively surfaces. Methods include using wax to mask, brushing, pouring, slip trailing, etc., with an emphasis on strategic combinations, layering, and experimentation. And then we will give these highly expressive works over to the soda firing process, allowing it to have the final word in design.

Open to all levels of experience

Tuition: $2,200

*Tuition includes: general studio materials, firings, transport during workshop hours, excursions around Bali, Welcome dinner, and lunches at the studio.

**Accommodation NOT included. Workshop Registration & Cancellation Policy

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