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Shozo Michikawa Workshop

Gaya Ceramic Arts Center Workshop - HARNESSING THE ENERGY OF NATURE:  Sculpting with Earth & Fire with Shozo Michikawa March 1 - 15, 2018. Join us in Bali!


HARNESSING THE ENERGY OF NATURE:  Sculpting with Earth & Fire
with Shozo Michikawa

March 1 - 15, 2018


“The energy of nature is truly immense. No matter how much our sciences and civilization might evolve, the power of human beings is inconsequential in the face of natural threats such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis and erupting volcanoes.”

SM Deriving great inspiration from his childhood home at the foot of the very live and active Mt.Usu volcano in Hokkaido, Japan, Shozo Michikawa’s faceted and twisted forms evoke this potent natural energy. Join this master of wheel-formed sculptural forms in an exploration of the power of the natural world and how we may harness it in the physical as well as conceptual creation of our ceramic works.

Demonstrations will include his signature twisting of fractured planes on an internal axis, as well as offering a different understanding of wheel-throwing all together— a cutting and paring down, rather than an expansion of form. Shozo will help participants engage in the “conversation” with the raw materials— finding a way to assist where the clay wants to go, rather than expecting it to submit to the creator’s entire whim.

After an exhilarating week of building forms, the workshop will turn its focus to harnessing the energy of the dragon’s breath in an anagama firing. Two days will be spent placing the pieces assiduously within the flame’s path, two days and nights hearing the fire’s roar, another two days of quiet before a final unloading. Awaiting to understand the wrath or beauty bequeathed to us upon our wares, the entire process will be a reverence for the forces of nature witnessed within the raw elemental play of earth, water, fire, air… and ether.

Open to all level of experience. 

Tuition: $2,200

*Tuition includes: general studio materials, firings, transport during workshop hours, excursions around Bali, Welcome dinner, and lunches at the studio.

**Accommodation NOT included.

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