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Raku Collection



In this collection, the Japanese-dervied “Raku” firing process is taken to its motst elegant and sophisticated extremes. Sometimes referred to as the performance art of ceramics, Raku firing demands that individual ceramic pieces are heated up to about 900C, then removed from kiln glowing hot, and immediately immersed in combustible materials that create a huge amount of smoke, fire…drama in general! This heavy carbonization of the pieces yields a wide range of surfaces including the classic Craquele Glaze, as well as the shades of white, grey, and black manipulated in the ““Naked Raku” process. To understand the Naked Raku process a bit further: all the surfaces you can see and touch are the actual “skin” of the ceramic vessel any glaze or slip applied in order to create patterning and design, shells off at the final phase of the firing process, leaving the silken texture of the burnished ceramic piece unveilled, complete Naked.


  • Handle your Raku ceramic with extra care

  • Do not expose Raku ceramic to direct sun. If that happens it will accelerate the decoration’s fading.

  • Colored liquids can mark glaze , please be aware of glaze, please be aware of glaze’s staining/aging if using coffee/tea (or similar fluids) in Raku containers.

  • Use simple dry dust mop to clean Raku ceramics. If necessary a gentle hand wash (without chemicals, only water) is recommended. Avoid diswasher.

  • Dry Raku ceramics well if putting them away in cabinet.

  • To preserve longer Raku decoration, polish any unglazed part with natural wax every 6 months/1 year.

raku vases

raku plate center piece

raku bowl

raku box