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Juz Kitson Workshop

Gaya Ceramic Arts Center Workshop - UNCANNY OBJECTS IN CLAY:  A Reference To The Wild with Juz Kitson September 23 - October 6, 2018. Join us in Bali!


with Juz Kitson

September 23 - October 6, 2018


Join this experimental hand-building course to create individualized ceramic objects for a unique and personalized installation while exploring the unique properties of various clays, such as porcelain, stoneware and terracotta in potential juxtaposition.

Juz Kitson, your everyday shaman-goddess-ceramicist, will offer instructive, practical demonstrations on how to push and pull the materials by hand, building up forms and preparing surface treatments. Encouraging the drawing of inspiration from the natural world and the studio’s lush tropical surroundings, the workshop will focus on the familiar and unfamiliar, the internal and external environments, as well as on human and animal forms.

There will also be discussion and experimentation with combining other materials with the ceramics and exploring different ways of installing/displaying final works. Moving away from the traditions/confines of plinth and/or wheel, Juz thoroughly encourages the crossing of boundaries, mixing of medias, challenging of perceptions of the material and the creating of avant-garde works—all while enjoying the evolution of process along the way. 

Open to all levels of experience

Tuition: $2,200

*Tuition includes: general studio materials, firings, transport during workshop hours, excursions around Bali, Welcome dinner, and lunches at the studio.

**Accommodation NOT included.

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