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Jeff Shapiro Workshop

Our two-week workshops enable ceramic artists to focus and immerse: furthering their knowledge of a specific aspect of clay, while rejuvenating their creativity amid the energy of fellow artists and the inspiration of a cultural setting renowned for its exquisite artwork and culture. 

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with Jeff Shapiro

June 7-21, 2020

This workshop will challenge, and at the same time give the freedom for participants to create and “let loose” with ideas for sculptural forms that will have a second component of arranging food in a way that the sculptural vessel compliments the food and the food compliments the vessel. After a first unforgettable experience at Gaya, guru of fire, Jeff Shapiro, returns to share his lifetime of accrued knowledge and experience in all aspects of wood firing, as well as his deep understanding and appreciation of the intersection where food meets plate.  To further illuminate this fascinating interplay, Shapiro’s wife Hinako will also demonstrate food presentation, incorporating the Japanese aesthetic. Visual presentations and discussions about the relationship of food and vessel will permeate the workshop, and there will be numerous opportunities to arrange various foods on traditional and non-traditional works. 

Beginning in the raw, Jeff will share his inimitable slab and coil building techniques, the use of simple hand-carved wooden tools, and readily available materials as liberating outlets for generating new ideas in clay.  Including a “mock loading and firing,” Jeff will coach participants in understanding the creation of individual “environments” for loading work, and other alternative approaches to loading and firing, discussing all the while technique in respect to efficiency and aesthetics. We will also experience and experiment with a number of firing tools used to specifically enhance and shape the outcomes of the fire, such as covering pieces with coal or moving items to the firebox during firing.  Together, the group of participants will experience the entire journey: thinking, making, loading, firing, cooling, retrieving-- and that just begins the conversation.  This will all be followed by a most unforgettable final dinner using works produced in the firing. Be ready to expand your creative thinking, be open to breaking the mold, and expect to enjoy delicious food in the company of new friends.

Open to all levels of experience.

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Tuition: $2,200

*Tuition includes: general studio materials, firings, transport during workshop hours, excursions around Bali, Welcome dinner, and lunches at the studio.

**Accommodation NOT included.

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