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ICAN Returns to Bali

Our two-week workshops enable ceramic artists to focus and immerse: furthering their knowledge of a specific aspect of clay, while rejuvenating their creativity amid the energy of fellow artists and the inspiration of a cultural setting renowned for its exquisite artwork and culture. 

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October 14-24 , 2019

Through a selective series of visits to Balinese artisans, craft studios, remarkable landscapes, and temples,

Gaya CAC will pair its own expertise with all that is indelible and inspiring in Bali.

This will be a taster’s menu of events and activities for the potter and non-potter alike such that

each participant will have a unique opportunity to “re-awaken” his/her senses in a cultural immersion,

and be able to bring all these new sensations and intrigue home to their own studios.

Open to all artists.

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