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Gaya Ceramic and Design


Italian sophistication meets Balinese craftsmanship: custom-tailored, hand-thrown ceramics crafted with unparalleled excellence in Porcelain, Stoneware and Raku clay.

Unique collections, exclusively made for international labels, resort hotel hospitality and private clientele, including: sophisticated tableware, personalized home decoration, unforgettable lighting installation, one off sculptural pieces as well as professional interior design consultancy.

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Gaya Ceramic Arts Center


Gaya Ceramics Arts Center (Gaya CAC) is a community studio in the heart of Bali. The Indonesian heritage architecture, open-air and light-filled ceramic studio space was built to encourage expansive creativity and the sharing of ideas. Fully-equipped with tools, throwing wheels, slab roller and a wide range of firing options, including Gas Fiber, Raku, Soda, Wood-fired Anagama and Bottle kilns, the studio offers no end to the possible exploration of clay.
The studio is open to the community Mon-Fri and offers a vibrant ceramic Resident Artist program, one to two week specialised workshops taught by expectional international instructors throughout the year in addition to continuous weekly classes suitable for beginners and intermediate potters.

GCAC Internship Program

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Gaya CAC Internship Program offers an indelible opportunity for an aspiring potter to learn the ins and outs of running a ceramic studio, teaching ceramic skills, organizing workshops, firing kilns, and generally living a life of clay.  The internship is based on an agreement of exchange between the intern and GCAC.  

(There is strictly no payment involved in this program.)

Qualifications: an individual with at least a basis of experience in ceramics, interested in pursuing his/her own knowledge in making, firing, and running a public studio.  Proficiency in English language is essential.  

Desirable possible skills/attributes: teaching experience, photography background, graphic design knowledge, attitude of commitment and exploration, organizational skills, friendly demeanor, willingness to multi-task and work in a team.  

Agreement: Intern will commit to offering approximately 15-20 hours per week of assistance in the studio, in exchange for approximately the same number of hours of free studio usage.

Studio Assistance may include:

  • Setting up and breaking down lunches during group workshops
  • Being on hand for lead instructor of two-week workshop (sourcing tools, materials, organizing work tables, keeping workshop flowing smoothly)
  • Accompanying groups on workshop excursions
  • Assisting shorter classes (Throwing Thursdays or Privates); or possibly teaching these types of classes
  • Helping familiarize Resident Artist with studio, Ubud, life in Bali, and carrying out their residency
  • Helping with some publicity aspects of the studio (hanging flyers in Ubud, assisting with Face Book updates and/or drafting newsletters)
  • General daily clean up and organization of studio
  • Loading and unloading kilns, firing or assisting firing
  • Being a general spokesperson for Gaya CAC—in Bali and elsewhere in the world

Studio Benefits:

  • Time, space and use of all equipment and materials
  • Use of clay and kilns without charge (within respectful limits)
  • Opportunity to learn from many ceramic professionals, via workshops, resident artists, etc.

Duration and Visa:

  • Approximately 6 months is preferable
  • Social Budaya (Cultural visa)—Gaya CAC can facilitate sponsorship, but intern is to pay all visa and renewal fees.

Application Procedure:

Please email a letter of interest, stating your qualifications and desire to become a studio intern, and     including two reference names and email addresses directly to GCAC:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


List of the Studio interns

  • Meredith Habermann, 2012
  • Jiawen Loo, 2012-2013
  • Anamica Chauhan, 2013
  • Isabel Gatzen, 2013
  • Natalie Weinberger, 2014
  • Lily Meilani, 2014
  • Alexis Stephenson, 2015
  • Liz Vidal, 2015
  • Katherine Hassan, 2016
  • Sally May Mills, 2016
  • Lauren Hotson, 2017
  • Teekshna Prasad, 2017