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Private Studio Rental


Enjoy the camaraderie and inspiration of the entire studio community, while maintaining the focus of your own space within which to create and the liberty of coming and going on your own schedule.

STUDIO: 4m x 4m open-air studio with shelving, work table and pottery wheel

EQUIPMENT: studio tools, extruder, slab-roller, spray booth, dremel tool, belt sander

CLAY BODIES: select whichever type of clay suits you most and your required quantity (stoneware, stoneware with grog, stoneware with sand, “anagama” stoneware blend, “anagama” sculpture blend, porcelain, porcelain with sand, raku, half-and-half (porcelain-and-stoneware))

ACCESS: 7 days/week, 24 hour (although we do recommend a before midnight departure); renters are provided with a key; access includes when workshops are running

KILNS: Gas oxidation, Gas reduction (large and small – size specifics), Raku “top-hat”, Anagama, Bottle (wood-fired), Bali CAT Soda


2-week rental: USD 250
1-month rental: USD 450

Clay: priced by body (can be order by weight)

**Please book by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.